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Please watch, listen and enjoy original, short reflections by members of Churches Together in Cheadle Hulme. These are published on (most) Wednesdays. You will find the most recent reflection at the top of the list.

Hopes for 2021 – Wednesday 30 December

“There is nothing in life or death or beyond that can separate us from the love of God in Christ. Not just a hope but a promise.”

Simon Oxley from Grove Lane Baptist Church reflects on our individual and shared hopes at the start of the new year.

Light shines – Wednesday 23 December

“Light in the darkness is a sign of hope.”

A seasonal reflection from Simon Oxley of Grove Lane Baptist Church.

Preparations – Wednesday 16 December

“We are in the middle of a time in the Christian calendar called Advent. It is a time of preparation for an amazing event that took place 2000 years ago.

God’s coming to earth not only showed us how much he loves and cares for us, but also in Jesus, God gave us an example of how we should relate to one another.”

A reflection from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church’s John Harrington.

Cheadle Hulme and Christian Aid – Wednesday 9 December

A film by Churches Together in Cheadle Hulme about their campaigning and fundraising for Christian Aid.

Along with information about the ‘Global Neighbours’ appeal 2020

(Images from member churches or used with the permission of Christian Aid UK)

3Mins: Don’t skip Advent – Wednesday 2 December

“People seem to be pushing the year away as fast as possible…But we can’t just skip Advent!

Help us to remember…this time is about caring and loving and looking after each other.”

A reflection from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church’s Linda Rayner.

3Mins: Holding it together – Wednesday 18 November

“For those who are overwhelmed we pray, and for those who are so bored they could cry. For those who long for a bit of space, and for those who are lonely and tired of it. All things, whatever they are, hold together in you.”

A reflection during the second national lockdown by Rev Dr Ruth Gouldbourne from Grove Lane Baptist Church

3Mins: Hidden Beauty – Wednesday 7 October

“There are seasons in nature and in our lives where the things that delight us are stripped away.

Help us, as we mourn that loss, not to miss the hidden beauty that may be revealed.”

A reflection by Simon Oxley from Grove Lane Baptist Church.

3Mins: Weeds – Wednesday 30 September

“I wonder how much our lives are overgrown, figurately speaking with weeds? Worries and concerns which seem to drown out everything else…Perhaps we need the help of the heavenly gardener to come and do some weeding in our lives so that the light will shine again?”

A reflection from John Harrington from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church.

3Mins: Serving our community – 23 September

“I wonder if God comes to you disguised as your life and if there is something you are about to act on for our wonderful community?”

A reflection from Pastoral Worker, Linda Ackerley, of All Saints Parish Church.

3Mins: The Kingdom Come – 16 September

“This area…was blessed with the truth of the Kingdom which had come from at least the 7th century.”

Wilf Breen, from St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, explores the roots of Christianity in our area.

Thank you to Cheadle Civic Society for the photos of Barnes Hospital in the early 20th century.

3Mins: Schools – 9 September 2020

As the Autumn Term gets underway…

“…Thank you for all who are part of our school communities, and for the different roles that they fulfil. Help each to know that their contribution is important.”

A reflection by Rev Philip Peacock from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church.

3Mins: Fresh air and friends – 2 September

“Father God…we thank you for fresh air and exercise. We thank you for the company of friends, for time to talk.”

Pat James from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church reflects on positive things in the pandemic…

3Mins: Creation Time – 26 August 2020

“No serious reflection on creation these days can avoid the recognition that the environment is in trouble, and that that trouble is a consequence of human behaviour.”

Rev Dr Ruth Gouldbourne from Grove Lane Baptist Church invites us to join in the season of ‘Creation Time’.

3Mins: Staycation – 19 August 2020

“There’s a lot of beauty in Cheadle Hulme…and so much to discover…Let’s make memories here!”

Linda Rayner from the Methodist Church sends a postcard from Cheadle Hulme.

3Mins: Well Trodden Paths

“I have a confession to make – it is only whilst walking during lockdown that I really got to know what is on my own doorstep…”

Simon Oxley from Grove Lane Baptist Church reflects on walks taken in the pandemic near his Cheadle Hulme home.

3Mins: Gardens – 29 July 2020

Let us give thanks for all the gardens of Cheadle Hulme, which display the glory of God.

A reflection from Rev Janet Owens at All Saints Parish Church.

The local garden featured in this video is part of the National Garden Scheme.

3Mins: Meeting together – 22 July 2020

“It’s the coming together for a common purpose that I have missed…”

Frank Norris from St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church reflects on how what has been absent for him during the coronavirus crisis.

3Mins: Our Emergency Services – 8 July 2020

“All of them…who are prepared to forgo their own safety and security, for the sake of others. We have a lot to be thankful for.”

A reflection by John Harrington from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church.

3Mins: People – 1 July 2020

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on with them (the people Rev Philip sees on his morning run), but I do believe that God knows about their concerns and ours and that he cares too about us and about them…”

A reflection by Rev Philip Peacock from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church.

3Mins: Water of Life – 24 June 2020

“In the sacrament of baptism, as Christians we clearly witness the importance of water…”

A reflection from Patricia Livesey, a member of St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, Cheadle Hulme.

3Mins Foodbanks – 17 June 2020

“In the Bible, James says you don’t have a real faith if don’t act on it. Challenging words!”

A reflection from Linda Rayner, from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church, who, during lockdown, has been coordinating the collections for Chelwood Foodbank.

3Mins Our local shops – 10 June 2020

“Our local shops are working hard to keep us safe…”

A reflection by Pat James from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church.

3Mins for Pentecost – 3 June 2020

“The buildings may be empty, but it’s not that the church has closed. Rather, it is that the church has left the building.”

A reflection by Rev Dr Ruth Gouldbourne from the Grove Lane Baptist Church.

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